Terms and Conditions

All users who wish to purchase any type of service offered by Parking San Julian, or customers who have commercial relations with it, must read, know and accept all the terms and conditions of services set out on this page, which are: 

Definition of basic terms:

This terms and conditions page makes use of a number of words, terms and definitions that all users should be aware of in order to understand and analyse the conditions correctly. These basic terms are: 

  • Parking San Julian: is the private company offering the service which will be described below. 
  • Responsible: Parking San Julian may also be known as responsible. 
  • Users: are people who browse the website of the responsible party and have the potential to become customers. 
  • Customers: are those persons or organisations that have agreed to the terms and conditions of service, and maintain a business relationship with Parking San Julian. 
  • Parties: may refer to Parking San Julian and customers. 
  • Agreement: When they accept the terms and conditions of each, depending on the relationship that Parking San Julian has with its customers or users. 
  • Website: .https://parkingsanjulian.com/ 
  • Parking period: refers to the period of time in which the parking service will be used, which goes from your entry to the facilities of Parking San Julian until the withdrawal of the vehicle. 
  • Supplier: This term may refer to the San Julian car park as the provider of parking services, or it may refer to external suppliers of the San Julian car park who assist in its service provision. 

It is necessary to clarify that any changes to be made to the terms will be made without prior notice, taking into account that it will only be agreed in writing which terms will remain intact. 

In the event of any change in the law and it is necessary to override any terms or provisions in the conditions, only those selected will be affected and the rest of the terms and conditions will remain the same as usual. 

Company information:

  • Domain name: www.hermanossarmiento.com - https://parkingsanjulian.com 
  • Trade name: Parking San Julian 
  • ID: B29667458
  • Registered address: pol.ind. Villarosa ctra Guadalmar 4-6 , 29004 MALAGA (MALAGA) 
  • Telephone numbers: 952 241 288 or 664 610 443
  • E-mail: ricardo.xalma@marbellarentacar.es

Purpose of the contract between the parties

Before entering into any kind of business relationship with the responsible party, it is necessary for the parties to enter into an agreement on the services to be provided during the business relationship, as well as on the terms and conditions of such services. 

In case of any doubt, observation or claim of some services or duration of the same, it is recommended that customers and users contact through the means of communication set out above or in person at Parking San Julian. Additionally, the contracts between the parties are determined with a prior agreement before being concluded, however, this period may be extended depending on the availability of the responsible and the client. 

In addition to this, all contracts are offered mainly in English and Spanish, therefore the responsible party does not take any responsibility for damages that may have been caused by the lack of understanding of the terms and conditions of the contract. In case of a translation error made by a third party, the responsible party will not take responsibility for this, however, if the error is made by Parking San Julia, the responsible party will take responsibility for this. 

Services offered

The service offers offered by Parking San Julian have a period of validity which is previously informed to customers, and they have to accept to acquire the services. The services currently offered by Parking San Julian are listed below: 

  • Surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • IT Reviews
  • Vehicle washing and maintenance
  • Transport to the airport 
  • Sheet metal repair 
  • Rent a car

The information of each service or product offered by the responsible is well detailed on its website, this in order that there is no confusion, and the customer can make a good assessment of the service. In case of any doubt, please contact immediately with the staff of Parking San Julian before hiring any service. 

However, Parking San julian is not responsible for any promotion, information or content that is on third party websites, due to the fact that the responsible party does not have total control of all websites that may mention its services. 


The transfer service from the airport to pick up the car at the car park, or from the car park to the airport, is courtesy of Paking San Julian's, i.e. it is included in the basic parking service. 

The customer must know what his return date will be in order to coordinate with the customer a place to pick up or deliver his car in the same, or better, conditions. However, if the customer does not comply with the previously agreed time, the person in charge has the right to refrain from providing that specific service. 

If there is a minor passenger, the customer has the right to request suitable chairs for the transfer, however, if the chair is not suitable for the minor, the customer must provide a chair that does meet the physical and anthropometric requirements of the minor. In the event that the client does not wish to provide the optimal chair for the child, the person in charge has the right not to provide this transfer service for non-compliance with the rules. 

Reception of the vehicle

When the client accepts all the terms and conditions of the services offered by Parking San Julian, we proceed to take all relevant data of the vehicle, to verify the current state, the rightful owner of the vehicle and to comply with established procedures to improve the service. At the end, we proceed to give you a copy of the order with which you can pick up your car. 

The data collected are: 

  • Fuel with which it arrived
  • Mileage owned
  • Damage at mechanical or surface level. 
  • Interior cleaning
  • Vehicle owner

It is important to clarify that the client or user must take into consideration the time involved in making all the delivery procedures, i.e. Parking San Julian will not be responsible for any delay, damage or prejudice that may cause the time involved in the procedures of parking the car, transport and formalisation of the contract.

If a customer wishes to skip the check for superficial damage such as bumps or dents, the person in charge will terminate the check and the report made by the team in charge of this will be sufficient. In case he wants to claim for any dents or damages, he will not have the right to claim for them because the customer decided not to leave a "clean bill of health". 

In the case of leaving any object inside the vehicle, accessories or decorations, and the client did not give prior notice of their existence, Parking San Julian will not be responsible for them in case of loss or damage. 

It is necessary that the vehicle keys are handed over to the appropriate staff at the San Julian car park, so that they are kept in a safe place while your car is secure. In addition, employees have the power to move the car in the car park in order to better organise the distribution of the car park space, or to allow other vehicles to leave the car park. 

Removal of the Vehicle

When picking up a vehicle, the customer must comply with the times previously agreed with the car park, however, if the customer gives prior notice of a flight delay or is unable to pick up the vehicle due to force majeure, it is possible to reach an agreement with the customer without any surcharge. In case of failure to give prior notice, the relevant surcharges will be applied to the delay caused by the customer. 

To remove the vehicle from the San Julian car park, it is necessary that the same person who left the vehicle with their documents and a copy of the order removes it. However, a third party may come with a signed authorisation, a copy of their ID card and a copy of the order with which they left the vehicle at the car park. 

According to article 5.3 of law 40/2002 of 14 November 2002 regulating the parking contract, it is possible to retain the vehicle until the customer has paid in full for the services received, i.e. to have a guarantee of payment by the customer. 


All prices and rates set for the use of the car park are set on 24-hour days, and there is no parking for a lesser number of hours. However, you can use as many hours as you wish out of those 24 hours in the car park, but you will have to pay for the full day.

The base rates only include the parking service, but there may be promotions that include other services, therefore, there may be other prices. If the client wishes to see the rates in advance, he/she can go to the website of the person in charge previously indicated.


Reservation system

Through the website https://parkingsanjulian.com/Any user can make a reservation for any of the services offered by Parking San Julian, taking into account that the person in charge can attend at any time of the day. However, reservations are not guaranteed in the event that he/she is not present.

Any change in the time of entry and exit to the car park, must be previously notified to the car park managers or communicated by any means available.

On the other hand, reservations can be cancelled by a client with at least 2 days or more notice, otherwise, a penalty fee will be charged for late cancellation. 


The customer has the right to make any claim he/she deems relevant about the prices charged, damage to the vehicle, loss of accessories or any situation that has compromised the integrity of the vehicle and is a financial problem for the customer. However, all claims are not valid after the vehicle has been collected. 

In the event that a service has not been performed, any damage to the vehicle or any situation that is unfavourable to the customer and his vehicle, it must be communicated to the telephone numbers listed on the website, by email previously given, or in person. 

Law and Jurisdiction

In the case of the conclusion of the contract and the economic relationship between the parties, they will be governed by Spanish law. In the case of any situation that merits further legal proceedings, they will be submitted to the courts in Malaga, or any other judicial body that the legislation orders to be submitted.

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